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Do you play sports? Protect your smile with a custom-made mouth guard from Walter Guillot, DMD Wearing a mouth guard is a great way to protect your teeth and mouth from injury.

Mouth Guards in Gulfport

Getting a custom mouth guard in Gulfport is an affordable way to protect your teeth and prevent costly, painful and potentially disfiguring injuries. Let our team at Walter Guillot fit you with a mouth guard made just for you.

The importance of a quality mouth guard cannot be overstated. If you play a contact sport, practice martial arts or enjoy a number of physical activities, invest in a mouth guard today. Designed to absorb impact, mouth guards protect your teeth from the force of collisions or hard blows. Instead of your teeth taking the brunt of the collision, the mouth guard absorbs it. Any activity that has a risk of a fall or a collision should include a mouth guard with your equipment. A simple fall can cause trauma to the face, jaw, teeth and gums.

Mouth guards are an important investment for adults and teenagers alike. Colgate reported that 75% of injuries to student-athletes happened when a mouth guard was not being used, with 40% of those injuries occurring during baseball or basketball. Studies also show that using a mouth guard help reduce the risk of a concussion.

When it comes to mouth guards, you have some options. Pre-made mouth guards are available at most sporting goods stores and pharmacies. These are a cheaper option but offer the least comfortable fit and come in limited sizes.

For the best defense against injury, our dentist recommends that we create a mouth guard just for you. Our custom-made mouth guards offer athletes the ultimate in comfort and protection. To create your mouth guard, we will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental lab. Your mouth guard will be made to your unique specifications, ensuring a perfect fit.

For our patients who suffer from bruxism or nighttime clenching and grinding, Dr. Guillot recommends that you get a night guard. This condition can lead to worn teeth, jaw damage, cracked or broken teeth and headaches. A night guard acts as a protective barrier between your teeth, allowing them to glide across each other.

How do I take care of my mouth guard?

Whenever not in use, store your mouth guard in a case to help keep it clean. Maintain your mouth guard by cleaning with a dental rinse or toothpaste after use. Keep it away from direct heat to avoid warping or damage.

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Review from Charlene V.
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Charlene V.

Dr. Guillot has been our dentist for years. He is always very professional and treats you with such dignity. His staff is very efficient and very accommodating. I appreciate them being so polite. I always get very nervous when I have a dental appointment and they always make you feel at ease. I haven't had any pain when Dr. Guillot is working on my teeth.Darrel and I love them like family.
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Leslie G.

Dr. Guillot is wonderful. He makes you relaxed while he's doing a great job on your beautiful smile. Let's face it. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and Dr. Guillot helps you achieve that pretty smile in total comfort!!
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Mary D.

Awesome experience! Kind of sad that I have to wait 6 months to go back. The staff is incredibly friendly, the office is beautiful and it was an overall great experience. Quick, easy and painless! Emily is a wonderful hygienist! I've already recommended this practice to a friend who just moved to the area. Thank you!
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