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Dr. Guillot features in-office whitening treatments! You can have brilliantly white teeth, without stains or darkness, usually in about 1-2 hours. Let us help make your smile bright!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Gulfport

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results in Just One Visit!

We also offer custom whitening trays, made in our own lab. With this procedure, you will receive supplies and instructions, and you finish the whitening at home. The procedure is safe and effective. Results normally occur between 1-14 days.

Missing Teeth? Consider Dental implants!

Dental implants are the ideal way to replace a lost tooth, especially in the front of the mouth where they are most visible. Unlike bridges or removable dentures, which sit on top of the gums, dental implants are placed under the gums. The "tooth" placed on an implant appears lifelike because it comes through the gums just like the original did – it's like growing a new tooth! Implants can be used to replace any number of lost teeth.

Even people with no teeth can benefit from implants because they can replace their dentures with teeth that are solid enough to eat any food, don't move around when they talk and don't need to be taken out at night. Ask us if implants are right for you. Call for a dental implant consultation today.

No Mercury! No Metals! No Kidding!

For years, silver/ mercury amalgam was the standard filling material used in dental practices, and many practices still use it. While they are a reasonable restoration, amalgams do not look as good as white fillings, and they may cause tooth fractures.

We are pleased to offer you modern, state-of-the-art restorations that are a natural looking white and can actually strengthen your teeth. Utilizing these modern restorations can dramatically decrease tooth cracking and the need for root canal treatment.

Dentures That Won't Slip!

We are proud to provide high-quality, natural-looking dentures for our patients who need them. One of the biggest complaints with dentures is that they slip or remain loose even after fitting.

If dentures or partials are part of your treatment, you can rest assured that they will look great and fit right. Restore your confidence and improve your life.

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Review from Charlene V.
five-star review

Charlene V.

Dr. Guillot has been our dentist for years. He is always very professional and treats you with such dignity. His staff is very efficient and very accommodating. I appreciate them being so polite. I always get very nervous when I have a dental appointment and they always make you feel at ease. I haven't had any pain when Dr. Guillot is working on my teeth.Darrel and I love them like family.
Review from Leslie G.
five-star review

Leslie G.

Dr. Guillot is wonderful. He makes you relaxed while he's doing a great job on your beautiful smile. Let's face it. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and Dr. Guillot helps you achieve that pretty smile in total comfort!!
Review from Mary D.
five-star review

Mary D.

Awesome experience! Kind of sad that I have to wait 6 months to go back. The staff is incredibly friendly, the office is beautiful and it was an overall great experience. Quick, easy and painless! Emily is a wonderful hygienist! I've already recommended this practice to a friend who just moved to the area. Thank you!
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Dr. Walter Guillot
Dr. Walter Guillot is pleased to be able to offer beautiful smiles to his neighbors in Gulfport and the surrounding community.

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